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Can I finance or lease?

I can either finance or lease your next vehicle.  I have access to over 60 banks and credit unions.  I am always trying to find the best rates for my clients.  I can also handle a lease if you would prefer.  If a manufacturer is offering a special APR then I can as well.

Do I only sell used cars?

I can sell any new make or model execept Tesla.  I also have access to 150+ vehicles in inventory as well as trying to find the exact vehicle you are looking for either in state or at auction.

Why use an Auto Broker?

An auto broker manages the process of buying a car on behalf of a customer. This can include finding the desired vehicle and negotiating the price. It’s the broker’s job to help the customer save time and money in the car-buying process.

Using a broker might save a few bucks on the sales price, but a broker’s real value comes from providing convenience and peace of mind.